2006 Advisories Archive

Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
High 18 Jul 2006 4 Feb 2020 CPAI-2006-0147 CVE-2006-1314
MS-RPC Programs Lookup (CVE-2006-1314)
High 1 May 2006 23 Jun 2019 CPAI-2006-043 CVE-2005-2831
Internet Explorer Multiple Protections (CVE-2005-2831; CVE-2006-0003)
Medium 7 May 2006 23 Jun 2019 CPAI-2006-046 Use Malicious Code Protector for IMAP
Medium 2 Jan 2006 23 Jun 2019 CPAI-1999-0001 CVE-1999-0182
Samba Long CIFS Passwords Buffer Overrun (CVE-1999-0182)
Medium 2 Jan 2006 23 Jun 2019 CPAI-2000-0001 CVE-2000-1200
Microsoft Windows NT Null CIFS Sessions (CVE-2000-1200)
High 18 Oct 2006 11 Feb 2019 SBP-2006-12 CVE-2006-4446
Internet Explorer Heap Spray Shell Code Execution (MS06-055 MS06-067; CVE-2006-4446; CVE-2006-4777; CVE-2006-4868; CVE-2009-2991)
High 26 Oct 2006 9 Apr 2018 CPAI-2006-129 CVE-2006-4696
Microsoft Windows Server Service SMB Rename Code Execution (MS06-063; CVE-2006-4696)
High 18 Oct 2006 8 Aug 2016 SBP-2007-02 Syslog PRIORITY Field Enforcement
High 23 Nov 2006 19 Jan 2016 CPAI-2006-138 CVE-2006-4688
Microsoft Netware Client Service Memory Corruption (MS06-066; CVE-2006-4688)
High 22 Feb 2006 27 Sep 2015 CPAI-2006-018 CVE-2006-0013
Microsoft Windows Web Client Remote Code Execution (MS06-008; CVE-2006-0013)
Critical 13 Dec 2006 27 Sep 2015 CPAI-2007-004 CVE-2006-4702
Microsoft Windows Media Format ASF Parsing Buffer Overflow (MS06-078; CVE-2006-4702)
High 16 Nov 2006 16 Jun 2015 CPAI-2006-142 CVE-2006-3445
Microsoft Windows Agent ACF File Handling Memory Corruption (MS06-068; CVE-2006-3445)
Critical 18 Oct 2006 29 Apr 2015 CPAI-2006-127 CVE-2006-3730
Internet Explorer SetSlice Method Buffer Overflow (MS06-057; CVE-2006-3730)
Critical 18 Oct 2006 29 Apr 2015 CPAI-2006-0292 CVE-2006-3730
Internet Explorer SetSlice Method Buffer Overflow (MS06-057; CVE-2006-3730)
Critical 18 Oct 2006 13 Nov 2014 CPAI-2006-128 CVE-2006-4868
Internet Explorer VML Rect Fill Method Buffer Overflow (MS06-055; CVE-2006-4868)
Medium 28 Dec 2006 2 Mar 2014 CPAI-2006-325 CVE-2006-4144
ImageMagick SGI File Handling Buffer Overflow (CVE-2006-4144)
Medium 11 Apr 2006 14 Jan 2014 CPAI-2011-0001 CVE-2006-0468
Multiple Products Directory Server LDAP Buffer Overflows (CVE-2006-0468; CVE-2006-0580; CVE-2006-0647; CVE-2006-0717; CVE-2006-4510; CVE-2011-0917)
Critical 13 Aug 2006 1 Aug 2013 CPAI-2006-0148 CVE-2006-3439
Microsoft Windows Server Service RPC Request Buffer Overrun (MS06-040; CVE-2006-3439)
Critical 13 Aug 2006 1 Aug 2013 CPAI-2006-097 CVE-2006-3439
Microsoft Windows Server Service RPC Request Buffer Overrun (MS06-040; CVE-2006-3439)
Critical 26 Dec 2006 30 Jul 2013 CPAI-2007-001 CVE-2006-5579
Internet Explorer Undisclosed Script Handler Buffer Overflow (MS06-072; CVE-2006-5579)
Medium 2 Jan 2006 1 Jan 2013 CPAI-2003-31 Welchia Worm
Critical 31 Dec 2006 31 Dec 2010 CPAI-2006-323 INSERT_VALUE CVE-2006-0647 Update Protection against Sun Directory Server LDAP Denial of Service
Critical 2 Jan 2006 30 Jul 2008 CPAI-2003-26 CVE-2003-0567
Cisco IOS IPv4 Packets Denial of Service (CVE-2003-0567)
Medium 5 Jul 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-076 FrSIRT/ADV-2006-1154
CVE-2006-1491 Update Protection against Horde Help Viewer Vulnerability
High 12 Sep 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-103 FrSIRT/ADV-2006-2562 CVE-2006-3134
US-CERT VU#701121
Update Protection against GraceNote (CDDB) Control ActiveX Vulnerability
Critical 11 Jul 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-082 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-037 CVE-2006-1301

Update Protection against Microsoft Excel Vulnerabilities (MS06-037)
Medium 5 Jul 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-078 iDEFENSE CVE-2005-0116 Update Protection against AWStats Remote Command Execution Vulnerability
Critical 5 Jul 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-079 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-024 CVE-2006-0025 Update Protection against Microsoft Windows Media Player PNG Vulnerability (MS06-024)
Medium 13 Aug 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-096 FRSIRT/ADV-2006-3180 CVE-2006-4071 Preemptive Protection against Microsoft Windows WMF File Handling Denial of Service Vulnerability
Medium 5 Jul 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-077 FrSIRT/ADV-2006-1228
CVE-2006-1636 Update Protection against VWar Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability
Critical 13 Jun 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-063 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-026 CVE-2006-2372 Preemptive Protection against Graphics Rendering Engine Vulnerability (MS06-026)
Medium 5 Jul 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-075 Symantec: SYM06-002 CVE-2006-0522 Update Protection against Symantec Sygate Management Server SQL Injection Vulnerability
High 5 Jul 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-074 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-023 CVE-2006-1313 Update Protection against Microsoft JScript Remote Code Execution Vulnerability (MS06-023)
Medium 5 Jul 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-081 MYSQL BUGS CVE-2006-3081 Update Protection against MySQL Server str_to_date DoS Vulnerability
Medium 16 Jul 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-087 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-033 CVE-2006-1300 Update Protection against ASP.NET Information Disclosure Vulnerability (MS06-033)
Medium 20 Jul 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-092 SecurTeam
Preemptive Protection against CesarFTP and XM Easy Personal FTP Server Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
High 13 Nov 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-126 FrSIRT/ADV-2006-3493 CVE-2006-4644 Update Protection against phpFullAnnu 'repmod' parameter File Inclusion Vulnerability
Medium 19 Jul 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-091 MU Security CVE-2006-1470
US-CERT VU#652196
Preemptive Protection agains Apple Open Directory Denial of Service Vulnerability
Medium 12 Sep 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-102 SecurityTracker Alert ID: 1016507 CVE-2006-3690 Update Protection against MiniBB Remote File Vulnerabilities
Medium 16 Jul 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-086 SecurityTracker Alert ID: 1016165 CVE-2006-0725 Update Protection against Plume CMS manager_path Code Execution Vulnerability
Medium 18 Jun 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-066 FrSIRT/ADV-2006-1633 CVE-2006-1516 Preemptive Protection against MySQL sql_parse Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities
High 12 Sep 2006 15 May 2007 CPAI-2006-106 FrSIRT/ADV-2006-3017 CVE-2006-3747 Update Protection against Apache LDAP HTTP Server Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Medium 12 Feb 2006 8 May 2007 CPAI-2006-014 iDEFENSE ADVISORY: 01.09.06 CVE-2005-3656 Update Protection against A Format String Vulnerability in mod_auth_pgsql for Apache
High 11 Jan 2006 8 May 2007 CPAI-2006-002 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-003 CVE-2006-0002 Update Protection against a Vulnerability in TNEF Decoding in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange (MS06-003)
Critical 4 Dec 2006 8 May 2007 SBP-2006-13 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-028
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-002
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-002
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-004
Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-022
Security Best Practice: SmartDefense Content Protection Defenses
Medium 24 Jan 2006 8 May 2007 CPAI-2006-005 SANS
Security Tracker Alert ID: 1015395
CVE-2005-4468 Update Protection against phpBB and PHPGedView Remote Execution Vulnerabilities
High 21 May 2006 8 May 2007 SBP-2006-04 SmartDefense Research Center CVE-2006-0903
Security Best Practice: Protection against Multiple MySQL Vulnerabilities
High 27 Apr 2006 8 May 2007 SBP-2006-03 SmartDefense Research Center CAN-2005-2119 Security Best Practice: Enforcement of MS-RPC Protections over all TCP Ports
Medium 14 Jun 2006 8 May 2007 CPAI-2006-064 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-032 CVE-2006-2379
US-CERT VU#722753
Preemptive Protection against Microsoft IP Source Route Vulnerability (MS06-032)
Medium 9 Feb 2006 8 May 2007 CPAI-2006-009 SmartDefense Research Center Integrity Clientless Security (ICS) Update
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