Check Point Advisories

Jive Software Openfire Jabber Server Authentication Bypass (CVE-2008-6508)

Check Point Reference: CPAI-2008-372
Date Published: 2 Dec 2009
Severity: High
Last Updated: Sunday 16 December, 2018
Industry Reference:CVE-2008-6508
Protection Provided by:

Security Gateway
R81, R80, R77, R75

Who is Vulnerable?
Vulnerability Description Openfire (previously known as Wildfire Server) is an open source Jabber/XMPP server written in Java. Jabber is an open instant messaging technology that is maintained by the community. Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is an open, XML-inspired protocol originally aimed at near-real-time, extensible instant messaging (IM) and presence information (buddy lists), but now expanded into the broader realm of message oriented middle-ware. An authentication bypass vulnerability exists in Openfire Server product by Jive Software. The vulnerability is due to an insecure design in the Tomcat filter where all functions in the admin web-interface are not protected from unauthorized access. Remote attackers could exploit this vulnerability to access functions in the admin web-interface without supplying valid credentials. A successful attack attempt will bypass the server authentication and the attacker can have full access to all functions in the admin webinterface without providing any user credentials. Thus the attacker can gain full control of the Openfire Jabber server and cause disclosure of sensitive information.

Protection Overview

This protection will detect and block attempts to exploit this vulnerability

In order for the protection to be activated, update your Security Gateway product to the latest IPS update. For information on how to update IPS, go to SBP-2006-05, click on Protection tab and select the version of your choice.

Security Gateway R80 / R77 / R75

  1. In the IPS tab, click Protections and find the Jive Software Openfire Jabber Server Authentication Bypass protection using the Search tool and Edit the protection's settings.
  2. Install policy on all Security Gateways.

This protection's log will contain the following information:

Attack Name:  Instant Messenger.
Attack Information:  Jive Software Openfire Jabber server authentication bypass

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