IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
26 Jan 2023 Canonical Snap Authentication Bypass (CVE-2019-7304) CPAI-2019-2758
25 Jan 2023 Seagate Media Server Command Injection (CVE-2018-5347) CPAI-2018-2293
25 Jan 2023 Auto0 JsonWebToken Remote Code Execution (CVE-2022-23529) CPAI-2022-1138
25 Jan 2023 Easy File Sharing Web Server Buffer Overflow (CVE-2018-9059) CPAI-2018-2292
25 Jan 2023 Joomla! Google Map Landkarten Component SQL Injection (CVE-2018-6396) CPAI-2018-2286
25 Jan 2023 ISpyConnect ISpy Authentication Bypass (CVE-2022-29775) CPAI-2022-1124
25 Jan 2023 ASUS RT-N53 Command Injection (CVE-2022-31874) CPAI-2022-0912
25 Jan 2023 Schneider Electric Conext ComBox Denial of Service (CVE-2017-6019) CPAI-2017-1608
25 Jan 2023 ForgeRock OpenAM LDAP Injection (CVE-2021-29156) CPAI-2021-1557
24 Jan 2023 GullsEye Terminal Operating System Command Injection (CVE-2022-3792) CPAI-2022-1139
24 Jan 2023 ENS Webgalamb SQL Injection (CVE-2018-19510) CPAI-2018-2294
24 Jan 2023 Boa Directory Traversal (CVE-2017-9833) CPAI-2017-1607
24 Jan 2023 Gerapy Command Injection (CVE-2021-43857) CPAI-2021-1556
24 Jan 2023 Bludit Arbitrary File Upload (CVE-2018-1000811) CPAI-2018-2291
24 Jan 2023 ATutor Directory Traversal (CVE-2019-12169) CPAI-2019-2756
24 Jan 2023 WordPress YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Premium Plugin Arbitrary File Upload (CVE-2021-3120) CPAI-2021-1555
23 Jan 2023 Exim Heap-based Buffer Overflow (CVE-2019-16928) CPAI-2019-2757
23 Jan 2023 Nexxt Amp300 Command Injection (CVE-2022-44149) CPAI-2022-1131
23 Jan 2023 WordPress True Ranker Plugin Directory Traversal (CVE-2021-39312) CPAI-2021-1545
23 Jan 2023 TP-Link TL-WA850RE Command Injection (CVE-2018-12692) CPAI-2018-2282
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