IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
21 Aug 2022 Oracle Transportation Management Privilege Escalation (CVE-2021-35616) CPAI-2021-1170
21 Aug 2022 Fortinet FortiOS Cross Site Scripting (CVE-2018-13380) CPAI-2018-1829
21 Aug 2022 Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS Command Injection (CVE-2020-2038) CPAI-2020-3569
21 Aug 2022 Cisco IOx Command Injection Command Injection (CVE-2021-1384) CPAI-2021-1258
16 Aug 2022 Zoho ManageEngine OpManager SQL Injection (CVE-2019-17602) CPAI-2019-2649
16 Aug 2022 dotCMS Arbitrary File Upload (CVE-2022-26352) CPAI-2022-0507
16 Aug 2022 DrayTek Routers Buffer Overflow (CVE-2022-32548) CPAI-2022-0509
16 Aug 2022 Zimbra Collaboration Directory Traversal (CVE-2022-27925; CVE-2022-37042) CPAI-2022-0515
15 Aug 2022 Microsoft Windows Parse Server Prototype Pollution (CVE-2022-24760) CPAI-2022-0434
15 Aug 2022 D-Link DAP-1860 Command Injection (CVE-2019-19597) CPAI-2019-2646
15 Aug 2022 Expat XML Parser Remote Code Execution (CVE-2022-25236) CPAI-2022-0505
15 Aug 2022 Moodle Directory Traversal (CVE-2022-35650) CPAI-2022-0511
11 Aug 2022 D-Link DIR-818LW Command Injection (CVE-2018-19986) CPAI-2018-2061
10 Aug 2022 PowerShell Functions Remote Code Execution CPAI-2022-0468
10 Aug 2022 PHP Zerodium Backdoor CPAI-2022-0472
9 Aug 2022 Adobe Acrobat and Reader Out-of-bounds Read (APSB22-39: CVE-2022-35671) CPAI-2022-0503
9 Aug 2022 Adobe Acrobat and Reader Use After Free (APSB22-39: CVE-2022-35665) CPAI-2022-0504
9 Aug 2022 Adobe Acrobat and Reader Out-of-bounds Read (APSB22-39: CVE-2022-35678) CPAI-2022-0506
9 Aug 2022 Adobe Acrobat and Reader Out-of-bounds Write (APSB22-39: CVE-2022-35667) CPAI-2022-0508
9 Aug 2022 Microsoft Win32k Elevation of Privilege (CVE-2022-35750) CPAI-2022-0470
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