2004 Advisories Archive

Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
N/A 8 Aug 2004 23 Jun 2019 CPSA-2005-17 SSL Tunneling
N/A 1 Feb 2004 1 Apr 2019 CPSA-2004-03 CAN-2004-0230
Non-MD5 Authenticated BGP Connections (CAN-2004-0230; CAN-2004-0589)
Critical 28 Oct 2004 8 May 2014 CPAI-2004-49 Resource Records Enforcement
Low 1 Dec 2004 1 Dec 2004 CPAI-2004-61 CVE-2004-1080
Microsoft WINS Replication Attack (CVE-2004-1080)
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