2008 Advisories Archive

Severity Date Published Date Updated Check Point Reference Source Industry Reference Description
Critical 11 Aug 2008 7 Oct 2008 CPAI-2008-129 Mati Aharoni - Offensive Security CVE-2008-1697 Preemptive Protection against HP OpenView Node Manager Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Medium 2 Oct 2008 2 Oct 2008 CPAI-2008-151 CVE-2008-4020
Microsoft Office Content-Disposition Header Code Execution (MS08-056; CVE-2008-4020)
High 23 Sep 2008 23 Sep 2008 CPAI-2008-146 CVE-2008-2470
Macrovision InstallShield Update Service Agent ActiveX Memory Corruption (CVE-2008-2470)
High 14 Sep 2008 14 Sep 2008 CPAI-2008-145 CVE-2008-3364
Trend Micro objRemoveCtrl ActiveX Control Multiple Buffer Overflows (CVE-2008-3364)
Critical 9 Sep 2008 9 Sep 2008 CPAI-2008-142 CVE-2008-3014
Microsoft Windows GDI+ WMF Parsing Buffer Overflow (MS08-052; CVE-2008-3014)
Critical 9 Sep 2008 9 Sep 2008 CPAI-2008-138 CVE-2008-3007
Microsoft Office OneNote URL Validation Error (MS08-055; CVE-2008-3007)
Critical 9 Sep 2008 9 Sep 2008 CPAI-2008-144 CVE-2004-0904
Microsoft Windows GDI+ BMP File Parsing Integer Overflow (MS08-052; CVE-2004-0904; CVE-2008-3015)
Critical 9 Sep 2008 9 Sep 2008 CPAI-2008-141 CVE-2008-3012
Microsoft Windows GDI+ EMF Parsing Memory Corruption (MS08-052; CVE-2008-3012)
High 13 Sep 2008 9 Sep 2008 CPAI-2008-139 CVE-2008-3008
Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 9 ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow (MS08-053; CVE-2008-3008)
Critical 1 Sep 2008 1 Sep 2008 CPAI-2008-143 CVE-2007-5348
Microsoft Windows GDI+ VML Gradient Buffer Overflow (MS08-052; CVE-2007-5348)
High 4 Aug 2008 24 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-136 Secunia Advisory: SA24398 CVE-2007-0774 Preemptive Protection against Apache Tomcat JK Web Server Connector Long URL Stack Overflow Vulnerability
High 19 Aug 2008 22 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-134 Apache Tomcat CVE-2008-2938 Preemptive Protection against Apache Tomcat allowLinking URIencoding Directory Traversal Vulnerability
Critical 9 Jul 2008 22 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-093 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-038 CVE-2008-1435 Update Protection against Microsoft Windows Saved Search Vulnerability (MS08-038)
High 18 Aug 2008 18 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-135 CVE-2008-3558
Cisco WebEx Meeting Manager ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-3558)
High 8 Aug 2008 12 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-137 Secunia Advisory: SA30147 CVE-2008-2161 Update Protection against TFTP Server Error Packet Handling Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Critical 29 May 2008 12 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-113 CVE-2008-1455
Microsoft PowerPoint TxMasterStyle10Atom Processing Code Execution (MS08-051; CVE-2008-1455)
High 7 Jun 2008 12 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-120 CVE-2008-0082
MSN Messenger UIAutomation ActiveX Control Information Disclosure (MS08-050; CVE-2008-0082)
Critical 12 Aug 2008 12 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-116 CVE-2008-1765
Microsoft Office Image Filter BMP Header Buffer Overflow (MS08-044; CVE-2008-1765; CVE-2008-3020)
High 12 Aug 2008 12 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-126 CVE-2008-1448
Microsoft Windows MHTML URL Parsing Information Disclosure (MS08-048; CVE-2008-1448)
Critical 12 Aug 2008 12 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-124 CVE-2008-3006
Microsoft Excel COUNTRY Record Parsing Memory Corruption (MS08-043; CVE-2008-3006)
Critical 12 Aug 2008 12 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-114 CVE-2008-3018
Microsoft Office PICT Filter Invalid Length Memory Corruption (MS08-044; CVE-2008-3018)
N/A 12 Aug 2008 12 Aug 2008 SBP-2008-09 CVE-2008-3019
EPS Files (CVE-2008-3019)
Critical 12 Aug 2008 12 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-115 CVE-2008-3021
Microsoft Office PICT Filter Map Structure Memory Corruption (MS08-044; CVE-2008-3021)
High 30 Jun 2008 8 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-090 Secunia Advisory: SA30518 CVE-2008-2541 Preemptive Protection against CA eTrust Secure Content Manager Gateway FTP PASV Stack Overflow Vulnerability
High 9 May 2008 6 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-132 Secunia Advisory: SA25606 CVE-2008-1329 Update Protection against CA ARCserve Backup for Laptops and Desktops NetBackup Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability
Medium 9 May 2008 6 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-133 Secunia Advisory: SA29431 CVE-2008-0047 Update Protection against Multiple Vendor CUPS Administration Interface CGI Heap Overflow vulnerability
High 9 May 2008 6 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-131 Secunia Advisory: SA29351 CVE-2008-0532 Update Protection against Cisco Secure Access Control Server UCP Application CSuserCGI.exe Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
High 9 May 2008 6 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-130 Secunia Advisory: SA29631 CVE-2008-0311 Update Protection against Borland StarTeam Multicast Service HTTP Handling Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Medium 9 May 2008 5 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-128 Secunia Advisory: SA29124 CVE-2008-1366 Update Protection against Trend Micro OfficeScan CGI Password Decryption Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Critical 3 Aug 2008 5 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-111 Secunia Advisory: SA31146 CVE-2008-3257 Preemptive Protection against Oracle WebLogic Server Apache Connector HTTP Version String Buffer Vulnerability
High 9 May 2008 4 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-127 Secunia Advisory: SA29637 CVE-2008-1855 Update Protection against McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Framework Services HTTP Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Medium 27 Jul 2008 3 Aug 2008 SBP-2008-08 SmartDefense Research Center Security Best Practice: Blocking TeamViewer
Critical 9 May 2008 3 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-112 Secunia Advisory: SA29641 CVE-2008-1697 Update Protection against HP OpenView Network Node Manager HTTP Handling Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
High 27 Jul 2008 3 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-103 Adware: AdClicker-FC.gen.a
Spyware: Fushion
Spyware: Speed Runner
Toolbar: AlOt
Trojan-Downloader: Zlob.acc
Update Protections against Recent Malware Threats (27-Jul-08)
Medium 24 Mar 2008 3 Aug 2008 CPAI-2008-046 Secunia Advisory: SA29382 CVE-2008-1358 Preemptive Protection against Alt-N MDaemon IMAP Server FETCH Command Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Critical 30 Jul 2008 30 Jul 2008 CPAI-2008-125 CVE-2008-2259
Internet Explorer Print Preview Handling Command Execution (MS08-045; CVE-2008-2259)
High 13 May 2008 28 Jul 2008 CPAI-2008-105 Secunia Advisory: SA29838 CVE-2008-1765 Update Protection against Adobe Multiple Products BMP Image Header Handling Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Medium 25 Jul 2008 28 Jul 2008 CPAI-2008-107 Secunia Advisory: SA29837 CVE-2008-1786 Update Protection against CA Multiple Products gui_cm_ctrls ActiveX Control Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Medium 28 Jul 2008 28 Jul 2008 CPAI-2008-108 CVE-2008-2908
Novell iPrint Client ActiveX Control Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-2908)
High 8 Jul 2008 22 Jul 2008 CPAI-2008-102 CERT: CA-1995-17 CVE-1999-0208 Preemptive Protection against Sun Solaris rpc.ypupdated Command Injection Vulnerability
High 8 Jul 2008 20 Jul 2008 CPAI-2008-100 Secunia Advisory: SA30300 CVE-2008-2242 Update Protection against CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup XDR Parsing Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
Medium 18 Jul 2008 20 Jul 2008 CPAI-2008-101 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-040 CVE-2008-0086 Update Protection against Microsoft SQL Server Convert Function Buffer Overrun Vulnerability (MS08-040)
Critical 8 Jul 2008 16 Jul 2008 CPAI-2008-099 Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-033 CVE-2008-0011 Update Protection against Microsoft MJPEG Decoder Vulnerability (MS08-033)
Critical 8 Jul 2008 8 Jul 2008 CPAI-2008-096 CVE-2008-2463
Microsoft Access Snapshot Viewer ActiveX Control Arbitrary File Download (CVE-2008-2463)
High 8 Jul 2008 8 Jul 2008 CPAI-2008-094 CVE-2008-2248
Microsoft Outlook Web Access HTML Validation Cross Site Scripting (MS08-039; CVE-2008-2248)
High 22 Jun 2008 22 Jun 2008 CPAI-2008-087 CVE-2008-1472
CA Products ActiveX Control ListCtrl AddColumn Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-1472)
High 18 Jun 2008 18 Jun 2008 CPAI-2008-086 CVE-2008-0712
HP Software Update Tool HPeDiag ActiveX Control Buffer Overflow (CVE-2008-0712)
Critical 10 Jun 2008 10 Jun 2008 CPAI-2008-076 CVE-2008-1444
Microsoft Media Player SAMI Format Parsing Code Execution (MS08-033; CVE-2008-1444)
Medium 22 May 2008 29 May 2008 CPAI-2008-073 CVE-2008-2136
Linux Kernel IPv6 over IPv4 Memory Leak Denial of Service (CVE-2008-2136)
Medium 29 May 2008 29 May 2008 CPAI-2008-078 CVE-2007-0675
Microsoft Windows Speech Components sapi.dll Code Execution (MS08-032; CVE-2007-0675)
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